Buying Process

Less Stress.  This is one of the purposes of having a good Real Estate Agency.

Monica R. Howard


  1. Get pre-approved (Bank, Mortgage Company, Credit Union...)
  2. Find Home
  3. Place an offer
  4. Offer accepted
  5. Buyer schedules home inspection (buyer chooses company and pay
  6. Buyer's mortgage company schedules appraisal (buyers pays)
  7. Buyer shops for home insurance.  Insurance should start day of close
  8. Title work ordered by Agents
  9. Wait for clear to close from Title co. and Mortgage co
  10. Closing is scheduled to accommodate buyer and seller (private owner)
  11. Close.  Buyer receives the keys.


Don't Stress! Once the process begins, this is were the professionals earn their money.


The home buying process is not hard, just time consuming.  The transaction requires little from the buyer as shown above.  The most important thing that you as a buyer can do is give any and all requested documents in a timely manner. 

Your real estate Agent and mortgage person will guide you through the process.  You should know what to expect before things happen and be reminded as they're happening.