Selling Process

Less Stress. This is one of the purposes of having a good Real Estate Agency.

Monica R. Howard


  1. Real estate company markets your home
  2. An offer is accepted
  3. Leave during buyer's home inspection
  4. Leave during buyer's home appraisal
  5. Title work ordered by agents
  6. Begin packing and organizing your departure if you have not already started
  7. Wait for "clear to close" from Title and Mortgage companies
  8. The closing is scheduled to accommodate both buyer and seller.
  9. All items and debris removed.  You can no longer enter after close.
  10. At close.  Buyer receives keys and possession of home.

                                The 3 most important things to do, to sell a house faster are:                        

 1.  Optimize Appearance

                                                             2.  Price Correctly

                                                             3.  Get Buyers in the Door

A real estate company should use their years of experience to help its' clients achieve ALL three of these things.  The ability for a home to sell, ultimately is the responsibility of the real estate company that has chosen to list it.  It is our view that the same old ideas should not be the only ideas.  But rather a fusion of the new.